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Injectable Manufacturing Services 
We provide one-stop solutions for sterile injectable drug products to our customers. Our state-of-the-art injectable manufacturing facility and team of dedicated experts are capable to provide services from contract development to commercial manufacturing.

Injectable facilities for cytotoxic, non-cytotoxic and highly potent drugs
Small molecules and biologics filling for pre-filled syringe and vial (PFS, vial) and lyophilization (Lyo)
Excellent sterility assurance level provided by barrier isolator technology
An advantage for oxidization sensitive biologics with low hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)residual design based
One Stop Solution Services
From Chemicals to Pharmaceuticals
From IND to NDA/ANDA/BLA filing
From Lab to Commercial manufacturing
From GSP compliant RD lab to GMP compliant manufacturing
Aseptic Filling Lines Capability & Capacity
Filling Line INJ Type Fill Size Compounding Volume Batch Size (vials) Lyophilizer
Liquid: Aseptic Filling
Liquid: Terminal Sterilization
2mL~100mL 10L~1000L 10,000~250,000 30 m2 x 2
Lyophilized 2mL~100mL
Liquid: Aseptic Filling
Liquid: Terminal Sterilization
2mL~100mL 1L~60L 100~24,000 2.3 m2
Lyophilized 2mL~ 50mL
Pre-filled 0.5mL~20mL
(Cytotoxic/High Potency)
Liquid: Aseptic Filling
Liquid: Terminal Sterilization
2mL~100mL 1L~100L 1,000~40,000 7.2 m2
Lyophilized 0.5mL~20mL
Pre-filled 0.5mL~20mL




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