Drug Product Formulation Development

Formosa Labs has strong formulation development capability to provide our clients proof of concept and early formulation development. Our dedicated R&D team has enabled the development of technology selection methodologies accompanied by our analytical expertise.


Injectable Manufacturing Services

  • State-of-the-art injectable facility and team of dedicated experts to provide services from clinical study material to commercial production
  • Feasible for cytotoxic, non-cytotoxic and highly potent small molecule and biological products
  • Capable of manufacturing pre-filled syringe and vial in liquid and lyophilized drugs products
  • Excellent sterility assurance level provided by barrier isolator technology
  • An advantage for oxidization sensitive biologics with low hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) residual design

Aseptic Filling Lines Capability & Capacity

PlantFilling LineTypeFilling QuantityCompounding VolumeBatch Size (qty)Lyophilizer
Liquid2 mL~100 mL10 L~1000 L


30 m2

Lyophilized2 mL~100 mL
Liquid2 mL~20 mL1 L~60 L100~24,000

2.3 m2

Lyophilized2 mL~ 20 mL
Pre-filled0.5 mL~3 mLN/A

(Cytotoxic/High Potent)

Liquid2 mL~100 mL

1 L~100 L


7.2 m2

Lyophilized2 mL~ 50 mL

Secondary Packaging, Labeling and Serialization

  • We offer a variety of secondary packaging service including design for packaging a single vial or syringe, and vial labeling under regulatory requirements. 
  • Instruments Equipped with serialization by TraceLink system for precise tracking and tracing of products from release to patient.

Please be reminded that some products listed above are still patented and can only be made available for R & D use as permitted under 35 USC ¶ 271 (e) (1); Article 69, Paragraph 1 of the Patent Act of Japan; Directive 2004/27/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004; or Article 69 (5) of the Patent Law of People’s Republic of China; or Article 60 of the Patent Act of Republic of China. We will not make, sell, offer for commercial sale or export the products listed above in/into regions or countries in which substance patents are still existing and we will not be responsible if the use of any of the above products infringes on any patent in your country.