• TFDA’s inspection on our new Plant H, with expanded capacity for polymer products.
  • Passed GMP inspection by TFDA for the cytotoxic/high potency injectable production line.
  • Passed 8th US FDA inspection, PAI for Mycophenolate Mofetil API and PoAI for Sevelamer Carbonate API combined.
  • Passed GMP inspection by TFDA for packaging and labeling of medicinal products.
  • Passed GDP inspection by TFDA for medicinal products.
  • Formosa Pharma files IND with US FDA for APP13007, an ophthalmic treatment for post-ocular surgery pain and inflammation.
  • Passed 5th PAI for Taltirelin and TS-1(Gimeracil, Oteracil, Tegafur)) by PMDA of Japan.
  • Formosa's customer in mainland China get the 1st Montelukast GQCE approval in Chinese mainland.
  • Passed 7th US FDA inspection, a combined surveillance inspection and PAI for Sevelamer Carbonate  and Colesevelam Hydrochloride
  • Formosa Pharma acquired Activus Pharma, a subsidiary of Sosei Group.
  • Passed 6th US FDA inspection, a PAI for Sevelamer Carbonate.
  • Passed  the 5th US FDA inspection,  a general GMP inspection.
  • Passed 3rd PAI for  Linezolid by PMDA of Japan.
  • Commenced Phase I Clinical Trial of MPT0E028 which is co-developed with TMU.
  • Passed 4th PAI for  Maxacalcitol by PMDA of Japan.
  • Obtained  ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and CNS15506 certificates.
  • Passed joint GMP inspection by EDQM and BGV Hamburg.
  • Passed 2nd PAI for TS-1 (Gimeracil, Oteracil, Tegafur ) and Taltirelin by PMDA of Japan.
  • Passed  2nd PAI  by COFEPRIS of Mexico for 11 APIs. 
  • Passed the 4th US FDA inspection, the general GMP inspection.
  • Filed CN DMF of Temozolomide (Total 15 API's filed, 4 out of 15 is now used in CN formulations)
  • Successful IPO launch.
  • Currently listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange (stock code: 4746).
  • Incorporated brand new RD, QC & QA facilities, including an automated warehouse.
  • Passed 1st PAI for Mycophenolate Mofetil by COFEPRIS of Mexico.
  • The establishment of subsidiary, Formosa Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
  • Commissioning of facilities for high-potent APIs.
  • Passed 1st PAI for Gadodiamide by PMDA of Japan.
  • Passed 3rd PAI by US FDA for 7 APIs (2 NDAs and 5 ANDAs).
  • Obtained COS certificate of Calcipotriol Anhydrous.  ( Total 6 CEP certificates)
  • Merged with LC United Chemical Corporation.
  • Filed Japan DMF (JMF) of Gadodiamide hydrate.  (Total 14 API's filed; 14 out of 14 are now used in JP formulations.)
  • Passed 1st GMP inspection by BSG of Hamburg, Germany.
  • Passed 2nd PAI by US FDA for Avobenzone.
  • Passed 1st PAI by US FDA for Leflunomide API.
  • Filed US DMF of Leflunomide. (Total 49 API's filed, 26 out of 46 are now used in US formulations.)
  • Signed supply agreement with Roche Vitamins for the production and  supply  of UV filters.
  • Inspected by TFDA. (GMP certificates on 46 products have been granted.)
  • Filed EU DMF of Alfacalcidol and Calcitriol.  (Total 17 API's filed, 11 out of 17 are now used in EU formulations.)
  • Started cGMP production of API's.
  • Founded by Dr. C. Y. Cheng as a contract research laboratory.