Policy Commitment

The operating philosophy of Formosa Laboratories is based on the quality specifications of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The Company researches and utilizes advanced process technology to manufacture APIs and injectable products. We are committed to providing comprehensive, efficient, and confidential custom synthesis services. We strive to achieve good cooperation and understanding with the business partners, values employee training to cultivate a highly motivated professional team, ensures employee job safety, and works towards reducing the environmental impact of production. In addition, while engaging in business operations, the Company actively practices corporate social responsibility to align with international development trends. Through corporate citizenship, the Company aims to enhance the country's economic contribution, improve the quality of life for employees, communities, and society, and promote competitive advantages based on corporate responsibility.


Governance Focus of Formosa Laboratories

  1. Follow international relevant standards and local laws and regulations of the operating location, practice business ethics, and maintain a sound corporate governance system.
  2. In response to climate change, promote mitigation and adaptation efforts, continuously enhance resource recycling, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, wastewater discharge, and waste pollution to protect the environment.
  3. Ensure a healthy and safe working environment for employees, create an inclusive workplace, promote workforce diversity, and safeguard the human rights of employees and stakeholders.
  4. Emphasize employee training and development to enhance their skills and abilities in order to cultivate a professional team and improve economic status.
  5. Establish good relationships with suppliers to ensure that employees in the supply chain are respected, treated with dignity, and work in a safe environment, and conduct business with integrity in accordance with ethical standards.
  6. Actively participate in public welfare activities such as social care, environmental protection, and educational promotion, practice corporate social responsibility, and enhance social influence.
  7. mplement effective communication and consultation with stakeholders, and promote transparent and balanced disclosure of information.

To practice corporate social responsibility and achieve sustainable development goals, Formosa Laboratories refers to the "Practical Guidelines for Sustainable Development of Listed and OTC Companies""to formulate the"Practical Guidelines for Sustainable Development" and manages the Company's economic, environmental, and social risks and impacts through the "Code of Conduct for Integrity Management,""Practical Guidelines for Corporate Governance,"and"Code of Ethical Behavior."

Formosa Laboratories has long adhered to the principles of being a corporate citizen by following the law and taking on social responsibilities. These principles have been integrated into the Company's internal business strategies, including policies, procedures, training, and internal reporting systems. We are committed to integrating its resources to achieve these principles and continuously improve to enhance the Company's work culture. In order to achieve these goals, Formosa Laboratories has formulated 12 social responsibility policies and implemented relevant actions in the daily work of various levels within the organization.


Social Responsibility Policy of Formosa Laboratories

Comply with legal
The Company will comply with government regulations and its own commitments regarding labor, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety
Advocate for
employment freedom
The Company ensures that all work is voluntary and employees are not hired under coercion or mandatory conditions
Implement humane
The Company does not allow the exploitation of workers, forced labor, and other forms of abuse
Prohibit improper
The Company employs/engages employees equally and commits to a workplace free from harassment and discrimination
Establish communication
The Company encourages communication between employees and management, and collects employee feedback for improvement
Establish sound
salary system
The Company follows the relevant government laws and regulations regarding salaries.
Train employees'
Strive to enhance the technical skills and capabilities of the employees, and improve their economic status
Emphasize integrity
in business
The Company prohibits any illegal behavior, established fair transactions, and protects customer information.
Respect intellectual
property rights
The Company respects intellectual property rights, and any technology transfer should be protected
Implement transparent
The Company discloses company information in accordance with the law
Promote social and cultural
development and care for
the underprivileged
The Company actively participates in social activities and provides appropriate job opportunities for the underprivileged.
Promote social
The Company will strive to integrate the above responsibilities into various operational aspects and supplier partnerships