Custom Synthesis

Elevate Your Lab Sample to Commercial Excellence

Looking for a suitable Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO/CMO) for your drug substance? At Formosa Laboratories, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to obtain your desired drug substance under cGMP compliance. Our process capabilities encompass recrystallization, filtration, dialysis, column purification, distillation, spray drying, and micronization—all scalable from kilo to hundred-kilo quantities. We are committed to providing you with every possible solution to meet your pharmaceutical needs. 


Comprehensive Versatile Chemistry Capabilities for Your Drug Substance Success

For the synthesis of your unique drug substance, Formosa Laboratories offers a highly versatile array of reaction capabilities. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, encompassing esterification, condensation, amidation, bromination, asymmetric synthesis, chiral resolution, metal-catalyzed reactions, ozonolysis, commonly known named reactions, carbohydrate synthesis, polymerization, photoreactions, solid-phase peptide synthesis, and high-pressure hydrogenation (up to 20 kg/cm²) for crafting the specific molecular structures required.

Rest assured, all the essential reactions necessary for the construction of your drug substance can be executed within our dedicated GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities. We are dedicated to providing the necessary expertise and resources to ensure the success of your drug substance.

Custom Synthesis
Custom Synthesis

Navigating Excellence with Our Expert Project Management and Technical Transfer Team

Time is not just a threat to human life but also a formidable adversary to the timelines of your clinical trials, NDA submission, and commercial product launch. In order to align with your project's schedule, Formosa Laboratories offers the expertise of a dedicated project management and technical transfer team. The more efficiently we manage your project's timeline, the fewer resources your project requires, ultimately optimizing your overall efficiency and achieving success.


Please be reminded that some products listed above are still patented and can only be made available for R & D use as permitted under 35 USC ¶ 271 (e) (1); Article 69, Paragraph 1 of the Patent Act of Japan; Directive 2004/27/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004; or Article 69 (5) of the Patent Law of People’s Republic of China; or Article 60 of the Patent Act of Republic of China. We will not make, sell, offer for commercial sale or export the products listed above in/into regions or countries in which substance patents are still existing and we will not be responsible if the use of any of the above products infringes on any patent in your country.