What is ADC

The conventional antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) consist of monoclonal antibodies, a linker, and a payload. Via the linker, the high-potency, usually chemotherapy drugs, small molecules can be loaded onto the antibodies, which can then carrier the payload to the specific therapeutic target and be active via cytotoxic mechanism. This combination in the structure aspect determines that ADCs can pose various challenges in CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and control), from chemistry capability in handling complex structures to the know-how for manufacturing cytotoxic compounds, as well as for bioconjugation production, formulation development, and bringing the drug substance into the sterile fill and finish manufacturing. An experienced CDMO can save customers a lot of energy, cost, and time, especially they can work with a CDMO provides a one-stop-shop solution like Formosa Laboratories. 


One-stop service

Formosa Labs provides a one-stop solution to client’s ADC projects. One-stop service means adaptive planning, cost management, and time efficiency for our client. In terms of ADC development, Formosa Labs supports every aspect from the design and creation of ADC, linker-payload chemistry, to the GMP manufacturing and filling of injectable drug products.

ADC Services in Formosa Labs:  
  • Antibody development and manufacture 
  • Peptide and polymer drug conjugation 
  • Linker-payload design, synthesis, and manufacturing.
  • Bio-conjugation and purification (TFF, chromatography)
  • Cytotoxic liquid-filled and lyophilized product from pre-formulation studies to manufacture
  • Regulatory support

Experiences in ADC

10  years experience in ADC development
15  years experience of high potency API
18  active projects under clinical develpment


With more than 10 years experience of high potency API and ADC, Formosa Labs starts biosimilar project of Kadcyla in 2013. Per CDMO business, we have supplied the clinical trial materials to the US, EU, and Asia regions. Formosa Labs expands the capacity of ADC production and reach 50 kg annual capacity for our customer in the next decade.


ADC and Linker-Payload Platform

  • Our high potency/bio-conjugation labs in Formosa Labs support the ADC research samples from candidate design to product delivery. 
  • The proprietary linker-payload platform of Formosa Laboratories aims to provide high DAR (drug-antibody ratio) ADC product. With this platform, we can delivery ADC candidate in 1 month.
  • To the aspect of handling the complexity of in ADC and high potency API, Formosa Labs has the ability to synthesize cytolysine in a 40-step synthesis process. With our in depth chemistry experience, we walk along with with our customer for their ADC from beginning.

Please be reminded that some products listed above are still patented and can only be made available for R & D use as permitted under 35 USC ¶ 271 (e) (1); Article 69, Paragraph 1 of the Patent Act of Japan; Directive 2004/27/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004; or Article 69 (5) of the Patent Law of People’s Republic of China; or Article 60 of the Patent Act of Republic of China. We will not make, sell, offer for commercial sale or export the products listed above in/into regions or countries in which substance patents are still existing and we will not be responsible if the use of any of the above products infringes on any patent in your country.