Analytical Instruments

Well Experienced Analytical Team

Since established in 1995, Formosa Laboratories has been a pioneer in API GMP manufacturing. After years of APIs GMP analysis, we have cultivated a strong, professional, and cGMP-compliant analytical team.


Versatile Aanalytical Instruments

Our GMP analytical instruments covered a diverse range of analysis requirements. Analytical instruments diverse from identification like Color meters, FT-IR, UV, to chromatographic instruments such as GC, HPLC, UPLC, Bio-UHPLC, integrated with various ionization sources like EI, CI, ESI, APCI, APPI, and different mass spectrometry analyzers like MSD, SQD, TQD, QQQ for analysis. Furthermore, we offer heavy metal residual analysis using ICP-MS and ICP-OES to meet various specifications. We also provide analysis for the physical properties, including TGA, DSC, X-ray diffraction (XRD). In order to align with the latest ADC analysis, we offer advanced protein analytical instruments such as LC-HRMS, CE, iCIEF, Q-TOF, and more. 

Analytical Instruments
Analytical Instruments

Integrated GMP Analytical Service

The analytical team in Formosa Laboratories can provide the most comprehensive analysis for various specification from raw materials to final dosage form with GMP compliance. The analysis includes the CCIT, particle, and microbial technologies for pharmaceutical sterile products that require the most advanced technology for clean manufacturing and product packaging. Formosa Laboratories integrates various analytical technologies provides you with the most reassuring GMP pharmaceutical products.