Welfare Measures

The Company provides comprehensive benefit measures for full-time employees to safeguard the rights and interests of employees and enhance company cohesion. In addition to the basic rights guaranteed by law, such as labor and health insurance, special leave, maternity leave, and parental leave, we also offer a wide range of employee benefits, including holidays, life insurance, medical insurance, disability insurance, retirement benefits, marriage and childbirth bonuses, funeral subsidies, employee dormitories, and free meals. We strive to improve employee well-being and create a happy workplace environment.


Provisions of Welfare Measures for Full-time Employees at Formosa Laboratories


Foreign Migrant Workers' Continuing Education and Welfare System

To promote employee equality, foreign migrant employees also enjoy the same bonuses and benefits system as local employees. We ensure smooth channels for the promotion and further education and training of foreign migrant workers, and through various policies and measures, we guarantee and respect their diverse cultures.

Internal forklift certification training section for foreign employee

Related System
Specific Implementation Details
Training and
  • In 2020, a total of 3 foreign migrant workers were successfully promoted.
  • In 2021, a total of 5 foreign migrant workers were successfully promoted.
  • In 2022, a total of 19 foreign workers received further training. Among them, 12 employees participated in internal training for forklift certification, while 7 received external training. In 2022, 1 employee from the Philippines and 6 employees from Indonesia successfully passed the training.
and Welfares
  • The salary and bonus arrangements are equivalent to those of local employees.
  • The foreign migrant workers are entitled to the same rights and benefits as the local employees in the year-end lucky draw.
Respect Local
Culture and Take
Care of Employees'
  • Newly arrived foreign colleagues receive education and training in languages such as Indonesian, Thai, and English.
  • Provide a specialized dormitory for foreign colleagues with good environmental facilities and excellent management.
  • The Company's canteen offers a diverse range of food options that consider the dietary preferences of international colleagues. For instance, our Indonesian coworkers who abstain from eating pork are accommodated.
  • To promote the integration of foreign colleagues into Taiwanese culture and enhance their sense of belonging, the company collaborates with the intermediary to prepare relevant gifts that invite them to share in festive atmosphere. For example, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes are given to foreign colleagues.
  • When King Bhumibol of Thailand passed away in 2016, the company's president personally sent letter of condolences to Thai colleagues, and the Company also reminded supervisors to provide emotional support to Thai employees.