Energy Management

As a major supplier of API for biopharmaceuticals, the Company is fully aware of the impact and risks brought about by climate change. Therefore, reducing energy consumption and increasing the proportion of green energy is also a continuous effort for the Company. We investigated the electricity and energy usage in our headquarters, Louchu Plant, and Louchu Plant 2, with a total energy consumption of 187,542,852.23 million joules in 2022. The energy intensity, calculated based on per thousand New Taiwan Dollars of revenue, is 49.30.

The energy in current use mainly comes from the electricity for equipment and office spaces, accounting for almost 100% (99.99994%) of the total energy usage. The remaining small amount of energy is used for diesel, natural gas, and heavy oil from the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). Due to the addition of production lines, research and development systems, and a new injection factory, the overall electricity demand of the organization has increased. However, we are also making efforts to reduce electricity consumption by replacing old equipment with energy-saving devices, resulting in a slight decrease in total energy consumption in 2022 compared to the previous year. If we calculate the energy intensity based on revenue per thousand New Taiwan Dollars, there is a 16.86% decrease in 2022 compared to the previous year, which demonstrates the Company's improvement in energy efficiency.

Our main focus for improvement will continue to be energysaving measures. We will reduce electricity consumption by renewing the manufacturing processes or production equipment. We also plan to use renewable energy such as solar power to diversify sources of energy and reduce energy consumption risks.

Formosa Laboratories Use of Internal Energy

Note 1 : The energy conversion coefficient is retrieved from the greenhouse gas emission coefficient management table version 6.0.4 announced by the Environmental Protection
Note 2 : Energy Intensity Calculation Formula: Total Energy Consumption / Revenue (in thousand New Taiwan Dollars).