Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to the sustainable management project of talents, firmly believe in the value of a diverse workplace, and provide equal employment opportunities to people of different genders and ages in employment. We are also committed to developing a diverse and rich talent pool, hiring employees with Aboriginal status, appointing foreign talents, and ensuring employment opportunities for people with disabilities, etc., to promote diversity and common prosperity and enhance the company's overall competitiveness.


Physical and mental health

To take care of the physical and mental health of employees, we provide Employee Assistance Programs, which provide employees with digital physical and mental care platforms and consulting services to prevent and solve organizational and personal issues that may lead to a decrease in employee productivity, so that employees can work healthily. Devoting oneself to work physically and mentally allows enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and create a win-win situation for both labor and capital.


Labor and Management

We provides multiple communication channels and platforms to promote trust and respect so that the company can continue to develop and move forward.

  • Department/Department Head
  • Creative mailbox
  • Eportal/Public Affairs Area/Opinions and Proposals
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Labor-management meeting