SHE Policy

We, Formosa Laboratories, Inc., commit to seeing personnel safety, hygiene, environmental protection, quality, and production as of equal importance for our business activities. We endeavor to exploit our resources and strength to build a safe, healthy, and comfortable work place to achieve the goal of zero accident. We aim for continuous improvement to minimize environmental impact and to take on corporate social responsibility.

To accomplish these, we will:
  • Regulations compliance: follow applicable regulations and fulfill our obligations to promote our company image.
  • Consultation and communication: recognize each individual’s responsibility by consultation, communication, and involvement.
  • Risk control: prevent injuries and diseases, and protect the environment.
  • Sustained achievements: improve the performance in environment, safety, and hygiene, and ensure sustainability.
Supplier Assessment:
We assess suppliers on compliance to environmental, health and safety regulations.         
  1. We keep good suppliers or eliminate underperforming ones based on the overall assessment results of supplier’s performance in occupational safety, health and environmental protection. (The assessment includes whether ISO45001 and ISO14001 management systems have been established...)
  2. The scale of assessment: Grade A - 90 to 100 points; Grade B - 60 to 89 points, Grade C: Below 60 points. Suppliers of Grade B or above are invited for cooperation.
  3. Underperforming suppliers are strictly required to improve, otherwise can be disqualified.
Contractors Assessment:
    We lay down a procedure (SHE002 Contractor Safety and Health Management Procedure) to manage our contractors in the following four aspects.
  1. Assessment and classification: We assess potential contractors with our Safety and Health Assessment Program. A contractor’s assessment results should be at least Grade B to be a qualified contractor. We regularly assess our contractors (Grade A: once/2 years, Grade B: once/year, Grade C: Not qualified.)
  2. Signing agreements: The contractor that won the bid should sign written agreements, including Plant Entrance Safety and Health Regulations, Contractor Safety and Health Agreement, to ensure that they follow environmental, safety and health rules.
  3. Qualification review: We only issue a contractor identification badge to a contractor that has labor insurance coverage, health examination report, and training records, and that meet safety and health regulations and our requirements.
  4. Training before entrance: We give unscheduled training courses to our contractors. We also retrain our contractors at least once per year.

SHE Certificates

Jul. 2023(Valid Until: Jul. 2026)ISO 14001:2015 certificate by SGS, TW
Jul. 2023(Valid Until: Jul. 2026)ISO 45001:2018 certificate by SGS, TW
Jul. 2023(Valid Until: Jul. 2026)CNS 45001: 2018 certificate issued by SGS, TW