Physical and Mental Health

According to health definition of World Health Organization (WHO): health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. In addition to the physical aspect, attention and care should also be given to related psychological and interpersonal issues in order to achieve true Whole-person wellness. We expect employees to achieve a balance between work, health, and life in the workplace through various measures. Starting in 2016, we applied for and obtained certification from the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare for a healthy workplace every two years, and received the Health Promotion Mark.


Integration of Health Resources, Assistance to Work Adaptation

Formosa Laboratories plans to collaborate with management consulting company or counseling center in 2023. This measure assists corporate and employees in resolving issues related to work adaptation, organizational relationships, and potential emotional stress they may encounter. Meanwhile, EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) will be introduced, installing new wellness center by the integration of internal and external professionalized service resources to help employees solve problems affecting their work performance due to health, family, legal, and mental issues.


Current Health Service Resources of Formosa Laboratories

Service ChannelInfirmary: Plant Nurse - Yang, Hsin-Yun (#185)
Professional AssistancePlant Physician: Dr. Shiau, Tian-mu (resides at the factory once a month)
Consultation ChannelCompany group life insurance consultation hotline: Nan Shan Life Insurance, 03-402-0208


Health Promotion and Care Activities

Measures for Promoting Health and Care at Formosa Laboratories
  • Health News: Regularly promote the latest health information on bulletin boards and the Company's internal website.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, relevant pandemic prevention information is compiled and announced to enhance employees' awareness of pandemic prevention.
Event Planning
  • Since 2015, we have been promoting health promotion and have been organizing activities such as smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress relief.
  • Starting from 2019, two blood donation events are held every year, calling on employees to respond to blood donation for public welfare.
  • The activities to be held in 2022 include: CPR & AED first aid courses, psychological counseling services and lectures, hiking and walking activities, etc.

Encourage Smoking Cessation, Reduce the Risk of Disease

Smoking increases the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease and cancer. In order to promote the health of our employees, we held smoking cessation activities and lectures in 2020 to encourage colleagues to quit smoking. In 2021, we awarded employees who have quit smoking for one year to recognize their determination and encourage them to continue maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle.

Hold a smoking cessation seminar, where the speaker and colleagues share the preparation of the smoking cessation lecturer.


Healthy Fat Loss, Enjoy a Slim Life.

Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In response to the health issues of employees, the Company held a health promotion event called "Enjoy a Slim Life" in 2021. It encouraged colleagues to record their weight and body fat regularly to monitor their progress, and participate in running events to increase physical activity. By establishing good dietary and exercise habits, employees not only achieve a healthy physique, enhanced physical fitness, and vitality but also reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Outstanding Employees of the "2021 Health Promotion Campaign - Enjoy a Slim Life


AED and First Aid Training Courses

The CPR & AED first aid course was held to enhance employees' first aid skills and awareness in 2022. During the course, we introduced the AED equipment and its usage within the plant, and conducted first aid training exercises. The event was divided into four sessions, with a total of 55 employees participating. The post-event satisfaction survey resulted in a high score of 4.7. Through this activity, we hope to enhance employees' understanding of first aid, strengthen their ability to respond to emergencies, and ensure workplace safety.

2022 CPR & AED Activity Achievements


Attention to Mental Health, Provision of Counseling


In addition to physical health, we also attach great importance to the mental health of our employees. Formosa Laboratories collaborates with a professional counseling clinic to provide counseling services at discounted rates. Through regular health lectures, we help employees understand the importance of mental health and learn how to regulate emotions and manage stress.

  1. From September 2020 to December 2020, Formosa Laboratories collaborated with "Neathlake Counseling" in Nankan to provide professional individual counseling services on-site. A total of 26 employees registered for counseling.
  2. In 2022, the Company signed a special contract with "Metime Counseling" in Nankan to provide individual counseling/couple counseling/parent-child counseling/family counseling services at a discounted rate for all Formosa Laboratories employees and their spouses and children. We also invited psychologists from "Metime Counseling" to hold lectures and conduct six sessions of sensitivity training courses for supervisors. A total of 155 supervisors participated with a total of 310 training hours.

Mountain Hiking, Healthy Physique

In order to encourage employees and their families to actively participate in outdoor activities, enhance physique, and promote communication, the Company regularly organizes hiking events on weekends. We held a total of 9 events in 2022, covering various locations such as Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli, with a total of 527 participants.

Through mountain hiking activities, not only can participants enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air of nature, but it also helps to improve physical and mental health, increase vitality, and improve the balance of work and life. It also strengthens teamwork and cohesion. We will continue to organize such activities to bring more opportunities for exploration of nature and improvement of health to Formosa Laboratories employees, and to establish deep interpersonal relationships, creating a better working environment.

2022/02/12 (Saturday)(Taipei) 95 Peak and Four Beasts Mountain563995
2022/03/19 (Saturday)(Taipei) Maokong Trekking6859124
2022/06/18 (Saturday)Qixing Mountain (Taipei)331548
2022/07/09 (Saturday)Guanyin Mountain (Taipei)232043
2022/07/16 (Saturday)(Hsinchu) GaoDao35641
2022/08/06 (Saturday)(Taipei) Qingshan Waterfall363571
2022/08/20 (Saturday)(Taoyuan) Taman Mountain29736
2022/09/17 (Saturday)(Miaoli) Manapang Mountain291948
2022/09/17 (Saturday)(Hsinchu) Ptlaman and Neiniaozui Mountain19221

Qixing Mountain Hiking Activity

Xinzhu GaoDao Hiking Activity