On the Job Training and Deep Empowerment

Formosa Laboratories is committed to cultivating talents and improving employee capabilities. As part of this commitment, we plan to develop an OJT learning roadmap and design a comprehensive on-the-job training mechanism that can help employees enhance their immediate effectiveness and understand their personal development direction. From new employee training, professional skills required for various positions, to the leadership training for middle and senior managers, training empowerment projects are all designed by specialists. Through a variety of learning channels, such as physical teaching, online learning videos, digital learning platforms, and feedback mechanism for teaching satisfaction, we continue to improve the training program of the management company.

In 2022, a total of 182 internal and external education and training courses were held, with a total of 2,578 participants in internal education and training courses. The Company provided subsidies for 204 participants in external training courses, with a total of 2,782 participants in education and training courses. The average training hours per employee were 11.5 hours, with male colleagues averaging 11.7 hours and female colleagues averaging 11.1 hours. The Company invested a total of 1.74 million NT$ in training expenses for the entire year and established a self-learning subsidy program to support employees' language and degree studies, with a total subsidy of 40,000 NT$ accumulated over the past 2 years.

We continue to plan different education and training programs based on employees' entry time and positions, actively promoting the Company's talent training program. We connect with the spirit of PDDRO in education and training. The approach starts from identifying corporate requirements, designing and planning training courses, evaluating training results, and then reviewing if the results meet the initial training goals. With design and showcase the results of the courses, we successfully received the bronze medal recognition from the Ministry of Labor's TTQS in 2022.


Education and Training Courses for the Formosa Laboratories Employee Training Program

Education Training CourseCourse Content
1.New Employee Education TrainingImplemented after new employees on board. This course provides an overview of the Company's history and regulations, including company introduction, personnel regulations, GMP and quality systems, labor safety and health education, and unlawful infringement.
2.Professional Skills TrainingTo enable employees to acquire the necessary professional knowledge and skills for performing their duties. For example, in 2022, we invited external professors to conduct multiple microbiology courses, allowing both the quality and process units to acquire a considerable level of expertise, enhancing product quality, and understanding the generation and prevention of product microbiology.
3.Management Skills TrainingTo ensure that supervisors at all levels possess the necessary management knowledge and skills to carry out their duties. For example, in 2022, we held a mandatory course for all company supervisors - Supervisor Sensitivity Training, to teach supervisors how to enhance their observation skills (observing clues in employee behavior and environment) and prevent employee physical and mental issues.
4.Quality/Environmental Health and Safety TrainingThe purpose is to improve the quality system and environmental health and safety training. The Quality Assurance Department and the Environmental Health and Safety Department are responsible for planning and implementing training, such as GMP education and training, general labor safety management.


Overview of Formosa Laboratories Employees Training in 2022

  1. The management level is at the first level or higher; the management position for those who hold the deputy director title or above but have not yet attained the position of first-level supervisor.
  2. The statistical method used by the Company to track employee training is to collect data from all employees who received education and training in 2022 (regardless of their current employment status), which may differ from the total number of employees at the end of the period.

On the Job Training Programs and Participation of Formosa Laboratories in 2022

ItemCourse Fee (NT$)Course HoursNumber of Participants
Labor Safety
and Health


Performance and Career Development

The Company values employee's career development. We implement a comprehensive promotion and compensation system, and regularly conduct employees performance appraisal. The employee who has been with the Company for three months would have interviews arranged by their supervisors. The interviews cover topics such as job performance, learning progress, and career or further education plans. The company sets annual goals in January, conducts a first quarter review in April, performs a first-half appraisal in July, and conducts annual overall performance appraisal in November. The eHRD system facilitates performance management processes, offers insights into the overall situation, and maintains complete data records. Following appraisal results, it links with human resource management operations such as salary adjustments, rewards, and transfers to foster better functional management and human capital development. Also, the Company conducts personnel promotions and adjustments in the first quarter of each year, set to take effect in April.

Overview of Formosa Laboratories Performance Appraisal in 2022

  1. The management level is at the first level or higher; the management position for those who hold the deputy director title or above but have not yet attained the position of first-level supervisor.
  2. Employees excluded from the performance appraisal program are those who have been with the company for fewer than three months, contract workers, and interns.