Practicing Environmental

The ocean is the mother of life, and a habitat for countless creatures.
We strive toshowcase Formosa Laboratories' dedication to environmental preservation and marine resources conservation by promoting Sustainable Formosa Laboratories, Sustainable Louchu, and Sustainable Taoyuan.
We urge our employees to collaborate as partners to sustain the nearby aquatic ecosystem, engage in river rehabilitation, and preserve the purity of the coastline, guaranteeing the sustainable administration of ecological resources. The Company takes practical actions to instill environmental awareness in the hearts of our colleagues, engaging in activities such as river adoption and beach cleaning, promoting environmental education, and achieving the goal of jointly maintaining a sustainable environment.


Continuous Maintenance of River Environment

Formosa Laboratories sets an example by initiating the adoption of river in collaboration with government agencies and private enterprises. We have adopted a 1.4-kilometer section of Haihu Creek, and regularly clean and maintain the river environment, actively participating in the protection of water environments. The Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan City Government expresses its appreciation to Formosa Laboratories for our contribution and guardianship of the river environment. In addition to actively promoting sustainable development, we have also shown a high level of concern for environmental protection, achieving significant results. We received an excellence award at the adoption of rivers event and award ceremony by Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan City Government in 2022.

  • Time: Year 2022
  • River Range: Haihu Creek, Heping Street to Youguan Road Section 2, about 1.4km in length
  • Action: Regular cleaning and maintenance of river environments (Due to the pandemic, large-scale river cleaning was not conducted in 2022, and regular maintenance methods were adopted).

Formosa Laboratories receives certificate of appreciation from the Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan City Government

Protecting the Beauty of Rivers and Oceans

Through a series of river and beach clean-ups, we enable employees to experience the impact of marine waste on the coast, understand the pollution caused by various marine waste, and reflect on how to change their daily habits to reduce waste generation. At the same time, this activity promotes good interaction between public and private organizations, environmental groups, and the general public. It enhances interpersonal relationships in society, promotes environmental education, instills environmental awareness, maintains cleanliness and hygiene in coastal areas, and forms a nationwide movement to ensure the beauty of rivers and oceans can be sustained. Unfortunately, large-scale beach and river cleaning activities were not carried out due to the pandemic in 2022.


River Clean-ups

Formosa Laboratories River Conservation Clean-up Activity 2021

Activity Date:12/11/2021 (Sat) 09:00 to 12:00 am
Main Tasks:Cleaning weeds along the riverbank and removing garbage and debris from the river and roadside.
Number of Participants:120 people.

Highlights of the Formosa Laboratories River Clean-up Activity

Highlights of the Formosa Laboratories River Clean-up Activity

  Highlights of the Formosa Laboratories Beach Clean-up Activity

Beach Clean-up

Marine Conservation, Taoyuan Zhuwei Fish Harbor Beach Clean-up Activity

Location :Under the Rainbow Bridge at Zhuwei Fish Harbor
Activity Date:10/16/2021 (Sat) 09:00 to 11:40 am
Number of Participants:162 people.

Greening and Beautifying the Plant Environment

Formosa Laboratories continues to implement various environmental protection measures. According to the plan of the "Adjacent Land Expansion Project", a tree planting project has been planned and implemented in the plant area. In 2022, 2,200 tree seedlings were planted on the land for national security within the factory area. According to the planting regulations, each tree seedling is planted between 1-2 meters to preserve the natural environment. The tree species include small-leaved olive, birch, and camphor tree. The General Affairs Department is responsible for the maintenance and care of the trees for future environmental management. In the future, the Company will continue to plan for more greening and beautification measures to create a healthier and more comfortable environment, and enhance the overall quality and appearance of the plant area.